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Bike Hike Climb


From biking down adrenaline pumping single trails, to hiking through the beautiful scenery and enjoying the fresh air, to climbing through challenging passages and pushing to the tops. Davos offers freedom and fun for every skill level, biking, hiking, climbing, and anything else you would like to do in the warmth of the summer. 


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There is a big biking culture in Davos, with countless single trails through the mountains that are just asking to be explored. All skill levels are welcome here, from the casual sunday bike rides, to the intense adrenaline seekers. No matter if downhill, or enduro, if you have a spare hour or a whole weekend, there is the perfect trail for everyone. The IBMA epic trail, the A-line on Parsenn, the bike park with its dirt jumps and pump track, and endless other options make Davos a paradise for mountain biking.


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Located in the heart of the Swiss alps, our base is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. There are countless places to explore and discover. From green valleys with clear mountain creeks up to hidden passes and snowy peaks. No matter how far you go there is always an other peak to climb, and if you are lucky you might even come across one of our famous mountain goats, the Steinbock.


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Through the high alpine terrain there are places that are reserved for only those people who are brave enough to put on a harness and reach the most remote peaks. On more chill days there is the Seehorn climbing park, a good place to hang out and to try out some new challenging routes. Even on rainy days there is the option to visit the climbing hall with over 90 routes on over 560m2, to try out new things and to work on skill and technic. We even have a small boulder wall on our base to have a breath of fresh air in between lectures.



Other Activities 

There are many other things you can do in Davos. Long down-hill roads invite for longboarding, and own little kicker is a fun place to skateboard once in a while. The lake invites for a swim in the cold water on a hot day, with a wake park for the adventurous and paddle boards for those looking for some relazation. For the people who like to stay out of the water you can always find some people to play volley ball, soccer, or just catch some rays by the shore. In the evening there are many places to meet for a BBQ and end the day with good talks around the fire.


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"Davos has any mountain you want: from leisurely flip-flops mountain strolls, all the way to mountaineering climbs so technical that some peaks go several decades between climbs, and everything in between! Being Alaska raised and bred, I loved that my three years in Davos was not enough time to climb all the mountaintops that were literally right out the back door!" -Daniel Scully, Staff 2014-17'