The YWAM Discipleship Training School will keep you busy with lectures, work duties, community outreach and other school related activities. But you can also look forward to experiencing a variety of activities during your free time! Throughout the week there will be some time to get outside and explore, usually between lectures and the school programs. Weekends, however, are usually free! For at least three of the weekends during your time here, we will organize activites to help show you around a bit! These activites could range from exploring the Swiss Alps by hiking, biking, or climbing or it could mean bringing a picnic to the lake to enjoy some sunshine and a friendly game of volleyball!

Scroll down to get a taste of the activity options you will have during your time here!



Davos offers all sorts of different areas for climbing. There is an indoor climbing gym in town, and lots of climbs near the base or close to the city center. The YWAM base has a bouldering wall which may be used during free time. The climbs surrounding Davos are for varying ability levels and you will have a chance to enjoy the sport or improve your skills.


The town of Davos is surrounded by multiple mountains and an idyllic countryside. Davos offers all a visitor would need or desire while in town. You can find toiletries, groceries, local shops for cheese and chocolate and sport specific stores. There are four recreational mountains that are close to Davos; Parsenn, Jakobshorn, Rinerhorn and Schatzalp. These can be reached by cable cars or gondolas located in the town. There are many hiking trails, some through farmlands, mountains, streams, rivers or lakes.


You will notice a vast difference between town life and country life. There is a city bus you can take to access the different trails with varied terrain, panoramic trails and breathtaking views. You will not be disappointed as you hike and experience the beauty God has created here in Switzerland. The hikes around Davos cater to any hiking ability level.

Mountain Biking

There may be a chance to rent mountain bikes while you are here from one of the outfitters in town. A variety of mountain bike trails can be found in and around Davos. The lifts at different mountain resorts will transport your bike up and you can bike down at your own pace, enjoy mountain views and a great view of the town. The base has a few older bikes that students may use to bike into town from time to time (they are older hard tail bikes).

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