Snowboarders & Freeskiers DTS

The Vision

This life-transforming DTS is about equipping Christian snowboarders and freeskiers:

Enabling them to grow in their relationship with God, while developing Christ-like character. We are passionate about empowering people to bring love, hope, and purpose to the freestyle culture and to make a difference in the world.

 The DTS provides you with a journey into the Heart of God. It’s a time to seek God, hear His voice, and discover more of your destiny, as you get to know Him more. Our vision is not about programs, goals, theories and rules, but about hearts transformed and filled with faith: Faith that will move mountains, releasing energies, dreams, and people into their destiny!

Our heart is to be one big family and to make discipleship happen on a personal level. We keep the school small (max. 15 students) and cultivate an environment where we can help each other grow in God, share the love of God with others, and build life-changing relationships.

YWAM Davos and its staff are dedicated to serving Jesus Christ and His mission to reach the world with the good news.

The DTS is:

Hard work, character development, hearing Gods voice, dealing with your “stuff”, finding your calling, community living, outreach to the un-reached, getting to know God, a 50 hour week, using your riding for God.

The DTS is NOT:

A holiday, a resort, a snowboard or ski school, a hang out , etc.

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