Bike Hike Climb DTS


This DTS is a time to discover who God created you to be. Your life will be transformed and come alive as you begin to find out what His plan is for you. You will be able to experience God for yourself while you bike, hike, climb and adventure through this time. As you experience God, your life will be changed forever! And what better place to do all of that than in the Swiss Alps?

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Bike Hike Climb


From biking down adrenaline pumping single trails, to hiking through the beautiful scenery and enjoying the fresh air, to climbing through challenging passages and pushing to the tops. Davos offers freedom and fun for every skill level, biking, hiking, climbing, and anything else you would like to do in the warmth of the summer. 


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School Life


It’s time to take a step back from your busy life and focus on getting to know God and understanding who He says you are. YWAM’s motto is: “Know God and Make Him Known.” The goal of DTS is to do just that. It’s a time for you to learn more about God and how to bring His love into everything you do.

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The school is a Christian discipleship course starting with 10 weeks of teaching followed by an 8 week missions trip. The final two weeks are spent in Davos to reflect on the whole experience and make a plan looking forward. 

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Have you wanted to experience the power of God while you make a difference in this world? Or learn how to step out of your comfort zone in a totally different culture? Do you have a passion growing inside you to share the gospel and your testimony?

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