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We are blessed to live and work in one of the most beautiful communities in the Swiss Alps! Davos is surrounded by natural alpine landscapes, and breathtaking views, in addition to being Europe's highest city too.

Do you want to experience the fascinating natural mountain world? Are you looking for an adventure that will stretch and inspire you? Do you desire to strengthen your relationship with God, while becoming part of a community that pursues Him? Then this is the place for you!


How long is a DTS?

Our DTS is four to eight weeks longer than other ones are. This is due to visa restrictions we have in Switzerland, and we also want you to be able to travel around Europe after the school. In total our school is almost seven months long.

How do I get there?

The closest airport is in Zürich (ZRH). We organize a transport on Saturday from the airport to our base. The cost for that transport is not included in your fees and will be split between the people picked up. If you want to make your own way to davos, you can travel by train to Davos and take a bus right to the door step of our base. You can find more information on 

When can I arrive/depart?

Plan to arrive on the Saturday before your official school start. For Students with a non-European passport,due to visa restrictions, please do not travel around Europe before your school. After the school you can go travel around Europe or you are welcome to stay at the base if we have rooms available. After graduation you can stay until Sunday for no extra charge, then you will have to pay for food and accommodation.

Are the Outreach Locations final?

We love to send teams to the mentioned locations of South Africa and Sarajevo, Bosnia, but we always seek God to find out if he has another plan.

Why is the DTS in Davos more expensive than other DTS?

There are a few reasons. First, Switzerland is not a cheap place to stay. In fact, our basic living costs are higher than in most other places. Small schools are a lot more personal and we believe a lot more rewarding. At the same time they become more expensive due to the general costs (like fees for speakers) divide through fewer people. The season pass of the SFDTS is also a good amount of money. As a benefit it gives you the freedom to travel around Davos and go shred as much as you can, even for just a short time. The Activity Fee of other schools is used to enjoy the mountain world we have or take you on shorter trips around the area. As mentioned, the DTS in Davos is longer than others, and thus costs more.

  • What is a ywam DTS?

    What is a ywam DTS?

    A Discipleship Training School (DTS) will help you make a difference in this world by offering a life-changing experience that begins with you! A DTS is a full-time, community living training program that provides a supportive, live-and-learn environment for half a year. It is designed to help you cultivate growth in your relationship with God, enabling you to live more like Jesus, while actively going into the world to love, care for, and serve others in His name!

    The program includes both a lecture and an outreach phase, where students can learn and grow in their understanding of the nature and character of God, while becoming more Christ-like in the way that they relate to God and people. In addition they’ll gain cross-cultural exposure, global awareness, and a clearer understanding of God’s purposes and direction for their life, while identifying their unique God given gifts.

  • DTS Lecture Phase

    DTS Lecture Phase

    The three-month lecture phase provides teaching that is based on a solid biblical foundation and that is led through the work of the Holy Spirit, while enabling personal application of Biblical truth. Students will learn about different topics from several national and international speakers (for each topic we aim to get a speaker that has a lot of experience in the area they are teaching on) this makes lectures very practical and powerful.

    Some of the possible DTS topics include:

    • The Nature & Character of God
    • The Holy Spirit
    • Hearing God’s Voice
    • Worship & Spiritual Warfare
    • Identity & Destiny
    • The Father Heart of God
    • Godly Relationships
    • God’s Redemption: Sin & The Cross
    • Missions & Evangelism
    • and more

    The DTS curriculum can be found at

    During the lecture phase students will attend lectures, receive one-on-one mentorship, and participate in a small group. They will also carry out a work duty within the community and local town, while enjoying meals, breaks, fellowship, as well as worship and prayer with one another. Students will also have the opportunity to be a blessing and to share God’s goodness with people in the city.


  • DTS Outreach Phase

    DTS Outreach Phase

    Have you wanted to experience the power of God and make a difference in this world or learn how to step out of your comfort zone and what it's like to share your testimony as well as aquire a passion for the Gospel?

    The outreach phase provides students with a cross-cultural experience and the opportunity to put into practice what they learned during the lecture phase. The school will be formed into smaller teams that will bring God’s love and hope into different communities in a practical way by partnering with local ministries in the community visited. During outreach the students will still receive one-on-one mentorship, and engage in worship and prayer together as a team.

    The individual schools can have different outreach locations, including South Africa, Sarajevo (Bosnia), Kyrgyzstan and more.

  • DTS Debriefing Time

    DTS Debriefing Time

    A DTS is a life-changing experience that lasts a lifetime. It is a stepping stone in your growth and walk with God. This is why we make sure to take time to sit down and process all you have learned and think about your next steps. How can you keep the fire? How can you continue to grow in your relationship with God? How can you be involved in ministry in the future? This could be attending school, working in the business world, becoming a full-time part of a church or doing missions work.

    The debrief time is a time that prepares you to go home and adjust to the environmental and social changes you may experience, as well as learn how to share with others what you have learned with God.

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