YWAM Davos

we care - we serve - we empower

YWAM Davos is a relationship-oriented community that cares for one another, for the people of our area and for those we connect with globally. We seek out opportunities to serve individuals, organizations and the church. We have established a culture where people are empowered to discover and develop their God given identity and potential to be a blessing to others.

About Us

YWAM Davos is a non-profit organization that is part of a global and interdenominational movement called Youth With A Mission (YWAM). In 2007, we were founded and developed by people who love the freestyle culture. The characteristics and sense of community that naturally flow from that have shaped the way we live and operate. We all cultivate a community culture of love and personal development as we challenge each other to higher standards in relationships, in work, and in God.

We care about people. Our desire is to see people fully alive in body, soul and spirit. We offer hospitality and housing where people can be safe, be free, and have fun. We invest into and pray for the wellbeing of our city, as well as the national and international places we send our teams.

As a community who cares about our city and the people in it, we seek out opportunities to build friendships and serve people around us in whatever ways we are capable of. We also look for ways to serve our city and local organizations through supporting and volunteering at different events. In the local churches of Davos it is our goal to serve, encourage, and partner with the Body of Christ. With these connections we aspire to be a meeting point for the community and the church.

Our desire is that all people we connect with are able to walk in freedom and joy. The aim to empower and encourage people to step into who they are designed to be permeates all that we do. We have a heart for seeing that happen in all parts of society, and especially in the freestyle culture. That is why we train people from all over world in our Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) and our Leadership Training Program (LTP). Through providing people with tools and hands- on experience, we help them to develop their character, explore their gifts and talents, understand their relationship with God, and pursue God’s call on their life.

Our Values

We are passionate about God’s presence

As individuals and as a family, we are passionate about God’s presence and committed to seek Him as the source of our lives. Through our relationship with God, we find our true identity and discover our potential and destiny.

We are passionate for God’s kingdom

We seek to understand the blueprint of God’s kingdom; a kingdom governed by Love. We desire to see His kingdom unfold in and around us, so that His goodness will be revealed. We believe that through this, transformation will happen.

We are committed to love well

LOVE is seeking the highest good for someone else. We are committed to love and honor God, others, and embrace who we are.

We are free people

Where the Spirit of God is, there is freedom; if Jesus sets us free we are free indeed. Freedom is not the right to do what I want. Freedom is the strength of the character to choose and to do what is right. It is superior to circumstances and people. We respect the freewill of man to choose a live with or without God.

We love to have Fun together

We love to have fun together and to be a joyful community. It is fun to have a fulfilled and satisfied life. This means to take care of our Body, Soul and Spirit, as well as being creative, have an impact in this world and a sense of protection, safety and comfort.