A City of Influence


The Town of Davos is small, but it is known for many things. Davos is the highest town in Europe. It is host to the World Economic Forum, which is an annual week long event for global politics. It has four research centers, three of which are medical science and one in which is snow and avalanche research. The town also hosts events such as the Spengler Cup, FIS Cross Country World Cup, and the Swiss Alpine Marathon, just to name a few.
Among all these things many people travel to Davos for holidays, health and business. It is a town that attracts people for many different reasons and impacts people in different ways.

Pioneer in Winter Sports

Davos was at the forefront of the development of modern winter sports. The history of the world renowned Davos sledge started in the 19th century. In 1921  the Hockey Club Davos was established. The Parsenn Derby is the most traditional ski race in Switzerland and took place for the first time in 1924. Ten years later, the first t-bar ski lift in the world was put into operation on the Bolgen. Davos also created headlines when it established the freestyle scene in the 1980s. At that time, the Jakobshorn was the only mountain on which snowboarders were permitted to use the lifts.
Now the Davos region is home to six ski areas in winter, with 320 Kilometers of piste. It also has 97 Kilometers of piste for cross country and is also home to Hockey Club Davos.

Davos was first known for its rejuvenating climate. As early as 1860 the first Davos guest house was opened to welcome spa guests. The German physician who immigrated to Davos, Alexander Spengler, opened a recuperation spa for lung illnesses, which was mostly focused on extensive sleep in the sun terraces of Davos.

Town of Davos

Davos has a cute cafe downtown, a cinema, tourist shops, gear shops and grocery stores. The town also has numerous ski huts and snow bars where guests can relax, indulge in the view and take a break from ski fun.



1560 meters, 5118 feet
average temperature 2.8° celsius, 37 fahrenheit
approx. 30'000 in winter, 11'000 in summer

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