Who We Are

We are a group of people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds united by a common goal or purpose - to know God and make Him known. We believe that this is something God has asked us to do as individuals and is also something we have committed to as a team. We want to value each individual person and see people grow into their potential. To us it’s important to value relationship over numbers. It’s not about how big our community can be, it’s about the quality of the relationships we build. We’re more than just a club or a team. Instead, we aim to be a group of people who love, honor and respect each other. And as time goes on, we begin to become more like a family; a home away from home.

Because we are a diverse group, it gives our team a unique flavor. The background and culture we come from shapes how we view the world and how we react in certain situations. This can be something that’s amazing and beautiful, but it can also become challenging. Yet even in the hard times, we’re still committed to loving and honoring each other. Honor is an important part of our community. We believe that God created each person uniquely and we want to celebrate that.

We have a passion for God’s presence on a personal level but also as a whole. We love to see God move and strive to see that as a group. We want to encourage each other to step out in faith because it’s encouraging to all of us when we see God do amazing things! Wether that’s providing a package of gum or healing a health issue, stepping out beyond our comfort zone reminds us that our God is a Good Father and He loves to bless His children!
We love to work hard but we also love to play hard. We all define fun in different ways, but one of our goals is to enjoy things together. That can be shredding the slopes in winter or hiking up a mountain in summer, we simply love spending time together. It builds relationships and it makes life fun!

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