Volunteer/Staff Vacancies

Are you interested to join us as a volunteer? There are many opportunities to serve with YWAM Davos.

In the following particular areas we do have an ultimate need. Are you interested in one of the following positions?
Please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or write us here.

  • Pioneering a DTS

    Pioneering a DTS

    We are about to pioneer a new DTS in the summer time. Right in the hearts of the Swiss Alps we would like ot offer a Bike-Hike-Climb DTS. For this we need an experienced school leader and a competent staff team.
  • School of Worship

    School of Worship

    2st Level Training in the area of Music and Worship is a new branch of YWAM Davos training. Within every YWAM Training Course, worship is an essential and mandatory part of the weekly program. To ensure high a quality of Musicians and Worship Leaders we need to train and equip young talents.
  • Admin


    Running a YWAM Center is a lot of work. It is more than hanging out with people, cooking and cleaning. We are trying to keep the administrational part as small as possible, yet it still needs to be done. This position including responding to future students, maintaining contact with donors, parents and other people, as well as keeping the books in a proper way. We would highly appreciate your help in this area!
  • Web & Social Media

    Web & Social Media

    People need to know about us and what we have to offer. We are looking for someone who loves to communicate through different kinds off media like writing newsletters, updating our web sites, blogging, keeping our Facebook up to date, creating videos of testimonies or promotional movies for our schools and ministry. If you love stuff like that, your help would be highly appreciated.
  • HouseCare, Hospitality & Cooking

    HouseCare, Hospitality & Cooking

    Hospitality is value number 17 of our 18 Foundational YWAM Values. To offer great stays at our beautiful location, we are looking for someone willing to take care of our guests, guest housing as well as organizing house care. We also look for someone that loves to manage a kitchen and cook for 20 to 30 people.
  • School Staff

    School Staff

    To run our two DTS we need devoted people to help the students get everything out of their experience. A good DTS team is made out off people with different characters and skills. We need a variety of people able to lead a work duty team, help organize events, prepare the outreaches, do one-on-one mentorship as well as lead a small group, lead worship and intercession times and much more.
    If you have never staffed a DTS, we run our Leadership Training School to help equip our staff as well as possible.


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