A City of Influence


The Town of Davos is small, but it is known for many things. Davos is the highest town in Europe. It is host to the World Economic Forum, which is an annual week long event for global politics. It has four research centers, three of which are medical science and one in which is snow and avalanche research. The town also hosts events such as the Spengler Cup, FIS Cross Country World Cup, and the Swiss Alpine Marathon, just to name a few.
Among all these things many people travel to Davos for holidays, health and business. It is a town that attracts people for many different reasons and impacts people in different ways.

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Home of four offical languages, chocolate, cuckoo clocks, yodeling and cheese!

The Swiss Confederation
15,940 square miles (41,284 square kilometers)
German, French, Italian, Romansch
Swiss franc (CHF)
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Outreach Locations

In the last  years  we have gone to many different locations. Although it is great to to to new places, we also love to send teams pack to ministries we got to know over the years. One of them is in Bosnia where we spend a good amount of time in the city of Sarajevo. The other one is South Africa. It has been great to see the relationship between our base and the ministries on outreach grow. We also get the chance to see some of the fruits of former teams. Never the less we always want to seek God on what he has for us for each current school. Final outreach locations will be announced in the first two weeks of your DTS.

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