YWAM Davos

In the heart of the Swiss Alps

YWAM Davos was founded in 2007 by a couple who had a dream to make a difference in the skiing and snowboarding community in the city of Davos. When we first came to Davos, our goal was to be a place for local youth to hang out in a safe and healthy environment as well as to be a positive influence in the shred scene. We also wanted to be a place that trained young people from all over the world to be present in their own freestyle cultures and to bring the love of Jesus into those communities. Today, we still have a passion for these things but we have also begun to expand our opportunities to allow young people to be involved in every sphere of life to come, be equipped and released into what God has called them to.

Vision Statement

YWAM Davos is a community for people who want to be a part of a positive environment to discover and develop their God given identity and potential to be released to impact the world around them.

Our Values

We are Passionate about God’s Presence
We are Passionate for His Kingdom
We are Committed to Love Well
We are Free People
We Love Fun Together